The Spray Pod Mini

A sneak peek before the launch on August 20th

While air sealing is probably the most important job of making any building envelope work, the tools of that trade have really not changed since the 1970’s. We have all used some form of can foam before, whether is was a 12oz Great Stuff sealant or a Dow Froth Pack. Like painting, the challenge is not in actually applying the foam, but in locating where the air leakage is located which of course is always in places that are difficult to access. Most of these areas are usually hot or certainly extremely restrictive and that makes doing the job difficult.

The Spray Pod Mini is a solution to this challenge. This new Air Sealant Platform addresses three major issues. The first benefit is that the system is fast as operators can get in and out quickly. The second feature is that the operator can change the spray pattern of the gun nozzle in the moment so that it’s possible to go from a bead to a fan tip in a matter of seconds. The final opportunity comes in the way of a 100′ air hose that allows the spray system to be used in some very difficult areas that are normally difficult to gain access to.