What Happened To The Spray Pod 1.0 ?

Answering the most asked question when it comes to our high pressure spray technology.

Of all of the questions that we receive regarding our spray technology, the one question that we get the most goes something like this. “Can I buy the Spray Pod 1.0 ?” Many times when people call to talk about the Spray Pod 2.0 and we explain that it is not ready yet for sale, then they ask” Do you have any Spray Pod 1.0’s that are out there for resell?” It’s at that point that we explain the the Spray Pod 1.0 was manufactured from 2012 – 2014 and that only a limited amount of those machines were sold. Most of those machines went into the agricultural business for spraying our AireBarrier Black to air seal poultry houses. So, here is the good news! I finally found the time to shoot these videos to give you an explanation ( if you haven’t heard it before ) of what happened to the Spray Pod 1.0 and also an update on the development of the Spray Pod 2.0.

The goal of the Spray Pod 1.0 was to retrofit the Graco E-10 to turn it into a real production machine. The Spray Pod 1.0 had the capacity to multitask, effectively creating the most versatile portable spray foam machine available at that time. It allowed contractors to inexpensively tighten and seal building envelopes of all kinds but especially agricultural barns. The Spray Pod 1.0 could apply most no heat spray foams and the patented AireBarrier chemistries. The Spray Pod 1.0 opened up the market for portable spray foam equipment market by showing what could be possible if innovation and creativity was applied to what was currently available.

Since January 2015, Sealant Technologies has been working on our new spray foam machine that delivers two component polyurethane chemicals simply and affordably. The Spray Pod 2.0 is currently in the manufacturing stage of it’s development and it allows the operator to apply spray foams, air barriers and even air seal existing residential houses in a very affordable and seamless way. This allows the business to focus on doing what they do best, which is to make money. Do you have a house or a building that is in need of retrofitting? Why not add energy efficiency to that project? The Spray Pods 2.0 is the ultimate in portable high pressure spray foam equipment as it generates up to 3,000 psi.