The Spray Foam Hybrid

A Sneak Preview Of The New Website

For those of you who have faithfully been following our progress over the years, you know how difficult it has been to create a simple, portable two component polyurethane spray foam system. We call it a system, because while most people will focus on the actual spray machine, that really is just one component of what has to be an completely integrated system. As we have discussed before in previous posts, we are developing a completely new category of spray technology, one that really does not currently exist. In his book ” Zero To One “, author Peter Thiel makes this observation. “Unless we invest in the difficult task of creating new things, American companies will fail in the future no matter how big their profits remain today”.


The Spray Foam Hybrid is a low pressure spray foam machine that can use high pressure spray foam chemicals. This spray technology is everything you need to get your insulating, air sealing and maintenance jobs done quickly, safely and affordably. Also, because of the simplicity of the design, we ship the Spray Foam Hybrid in a box that contains all of the necessary components which are easily assembled in with just basic tools. If you are mechanically inclined in any way, you could be spraying the same day that you are receive your Spray Foam Hybrid.

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