Spray Foam Hybrid Spray Test #1

How did Open Cell Spray Foam perform?

We have entered into a new phase of the Spray Foam Hybrid development and we want you, our loyal readers to the Portable Spray Foam blog to be part of that discovery process. We will be doing a lot of spray tests between now and the end of the year in preparation of our public launch which is scheduled for January 1, 2018.  We have always believed that it was important that any portable machine have the capacity to apply many different types of two component polyurethane chemistries because we knew that it was important for contractors to have the flexibility to take advantage of changes in the marketplace.

One of the major challenges with most of the portable spray systems in the marketplace today is that they only shoot ” one bullet “. By that we mean that they really are designed to apply just one type of chemistry.  We want to offer a ” machine gun ” type spray platform that would give any operator the ability to be as creative as they want to be. We plan on spray testing about 4-6 different polyurethane chemistries over the next 1-3 months which will enable the Spray Foam Hybrid to be used in the insulation, concrete lifting and agricultural barn sealing markets by the time we launch.

So, how did the spray test go with the Foamsulate 50 open cell chemical?  Well, see for yourself in the video. Not only were we impressed with the actual finished product, but by all indications it appears as if we are going to get more volume out of the Spray Foam Hybrid than what we had originally designed the system to provide. That is what we call a ” happy surprise ” and one that we can build off of in the future. We also believe that because most open cell spray foam formulations use water as a blowing agent that the Spray Foam Hybrid should be able to apply most other open cell polyurethane spray foam chemistries.

Of course as they say in the stock market ” One day does not make a trend ” so continued spray testing will be necessary to validate some of our new findings.

Stay Tune as is it going to start to get real interesting!!!!