The Spray Sealants Gun

" It's Deja Vu All Over Again "

Yogi Berra was a New York Yankees Hall of Farmer,  but he was also the king of creative, always mangling the English language into quotable quips that strangely made sense.. The were commonly called “Yogi-isms ” and one of his most memorable of all lines was ” It’s Deja Vu All Over Again “.  Strangely, in the world of lean start-up businesses, there are times when you realize that you have come full circle and your innovation has taken you back to a place that you might have been before. It appears as if Sealant Technologies, Inc is at one of those places now.

Last year at this exact time we were gearing up to start to sell what we called the Spray Pods Gun. We even opened what we called the Spray Sealants Store as we believed that there was a need to have a portfolio of products that would support this very innovative spray technology. We actually started to offer the Spray Pods Gun in January of this year ( 2017) but quickly realized that the some of the internal components of the Spray Pods Gun were not very durable. At least not to our standards which are pretty high so we quickly pulled the gun off the market about a month later.  About three months after that we closed the Spray Sealants Store entirely as we knew we needed to go to the next level with that spray technology.

Over the past 60 days, we have made major progress in the development of a new generation of portable spray sealants equipment and have even opened up a new website to highlight what we are now calling the Spray Sealants Gun.  In fact, we are making much progress that we actually see use relaunch this spray gun and other supporting components by January 1, 2018.  We are racing fast to pull the entire manufacturing process together and because of the need to focus all of our resources into this project, we have put the Spray Foam Hybrid on hold.

So why is the Spray Sealants Gun so unique?  Well, for more than 40 years, there has not been an innovation spray foam kit that can deliver spray foam, adhesives and create air barriers all in one system that allows the operator to adjust the spray pattern. This simple solution of a gun that uses pressurized air to create spray sealants will save time and money on every project. It’s compact, easily portable and great for all those hard-to-reach areas in which traditional spray foam equipment cannot be readily used. It’s a handy addition for your energy efficiency toolbox.

Spray Sealants Gun Website